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You have made the right step in finding us, and we are here to serve you. Our Boston ministers and staff will assist you in reaching your wedding goals. It is our desire to make your special day a memorable and one that so closely reflects the love that you two feel for one another and who now want to publicly confess that love to each other.

Start your own tradition in Boston by having your wedding, your way! To help couples plan their ceremonies, Clergy 211 offers Boston couples access to many ceremonial templates, working pages and other resources. These resources allow the couple to play a significant role in creating their own ceremony.

We serve Boston couples from any religious or non-religious backgrounds and from all walks of life. We are able to customize and personalize ceremonies by blending traditions and customs and by creating new traditions.

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Ceremony Concierge Services

Our goal is to ensure that all the important details are covered to make your event special, unique, and memorable. To help you plan your ceremony, the concierge will on your behalf:

  • Secure a qualified Boston minister
  • Research county courthouse and wedding application information
  • Refer, contact, and get quotes from potential vendors
  • Negotiate vendor pricing and other services on your behalf
  • Aid, upon request, with local venue information
  • Assist with wedding ideas
  • Provide budget development and cost saving recommendations
  • Send reminder emails, text massages, etc.
  • Provide you with support and encouragement through the process
  • Work closely with your wedding planner and other key individuals and vendors


Boston Officiants

Boston is often distinguished by its vibrant neighborhoods, its diversity, art, food, nightlife, and, of course, the Boston Harbor. It has the feel of a big city with the friendliness and heart of a small town. Boston is one of a kind, and it is the perfect place to get married! Reserve a Boston wedding officiant today to lead your special ceremony.

Clergy 211 Boston officiants and staff are ready to help you make your ceremony reflect your unique union. We conduct:

  • wedding ceremonies,
  • signing ceremonies,
  • vow renewals,
  • anniversaries,
  • blended-family ceremonies,
  • and many more.


Premarital Counseling

Many couples spend a great amount of time in the planning stage of their wedding. However, seldom do these couples develop a strategic and long-term plan for their life together and for the many challenges that marriage presents.

Clergy 211 wedding ministers in Boston do not require premarital counseling, but strongly encourage each couple to consider this invaluable resource. Our Boston officiants are trained and certified by Prepare & Enrich program, which specializes in strong marriages and healthy relationships.

Premarital counseling can provide a couple with insights into relationship dynamics, which can either, help or hurt a relationship.  Couples will be encouraged to explore their dreams and differences, their fears and expectations so that a clear path is made clear toward a successful marriage.

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies mean many different things to different people. It can be a highly symbolized wedding event or just a big audacious party that celebrates your love and commitment. A commitment ceremony can look just like a wedding, complete with church, wedding gown, and hundreds of guests — but without the marriage license. Whatever your pleasure, Clergy 211 offers ritualized ceremonies in Boston, MA, that serve as a public declaration and honor your relationship and your commitment to one another.

Vow Renewal

Vow renewal or reaffirmation ceremonies are important observances for a number of reasons, the first one's being to make a pubic re-declaration of the marriage vows taken years prior. Saying “I do” again can be a wonderful new beginning for the next phase in a couple's marital life and a beautiful and memorable experience for all those present. Clergy 211 Boston officiants help guide couples to create a wonderful commemorative ceremony that best reflects their life and the hopes for a promising future together!

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