Community & Other Services

Public Prayers, Invocations, & Benedictions

Clergy are often requested to address the general public during legislative sessions, civic and community service events, graduations, political rallies, grand openings, and sporting events. Clergy 211 ministers offer carefully planned, inclusive, non-sectarian readings, prayers, invocations, and benedictions for your special event or occasion. These services are often done pro bono or for a small nominal honorarium.

Cultural Weddings & Funerals

People come from all walks of life and traditions. Many individuals, couples, and families would love to honor the traditions of their ancestors by  introducing elements from their cultural backgrounds in those special observable occasions. Whether it is a birth, death, marriage, or coming of age, incorporating cultural traditions and customs is a fantastic way to make your special service unique and memorable as well as to share something personal with guests, while paying tribute to your ancestors.

Pet Ceremonies

Losing a beloved pet can be as emotionally devastating as losing any other close family member. For many pet parents, their sense of grief is also accompanied by the need to openly mourn the great loss. The ministers at Clergy 211 offer specialized ceremonies that help you to honor the loving bond that existed with you, your family, and your beloved pet in a personal and meaningful way.

On-Call Chaplains

It has been said that "chaplains are called to nurture the living, care for the dying, and honor the dead." When a chaplain is called upon, no matter what the situation, he or she is perceived by the care recipient to be their Pastor. Clergy 211 chaplains offer critically needed spiritual and emotional support to individuals and their families during difficult times in their lives. Our chaplains are  often called upon to serve in penal institutions, colleges and universities, hospitals, mental health facilities, hospices, and nursing homes. In addition to religious service. our chaplains are highly qualified counselors and leaders in multi-religious education and language.

This service is limited to certain regions. Please contact a Clergy 211 representative to see if this service is available in your area.

*The amount of honorarium may vary with venue, travel expense, and any additional service items. The final quote for the services will be provided upon the initial consultation. Payment is not requested until availability is confirmed.

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